Streamers United is a LLC established in Dubai that supports and connects streamers all over the world. We aspired to create the largest streamer collective and empower streamers like never before.

All Streamers. All Platforms.

We support every kind of streamer across all streaming platforms. We believe that streamers play such a unique and important role in culture and entertainment. And they deserve to be better supported.

What Do We Have In Mind?


We know how tough it can be to find prize tournaments that you can easily participate in. We will be running tournaments every week or two to give create more opportunities for you to compete and win!


Want more people to witness your talents? We will host regular talent shows across all different genres so that you have a chance to get more exposure, grow your following, and possibly go viral.


We aim to make Streamers United a household name that is known globally. We believe that all streamers deserve to be a part of this. As such, we are creating sponsorship programs to help support you.


We will also have a place for you to advertise your content and gain even more exposure. We will have a process where you to apply to participate in this part of the platform.


We know the majority of streamers have a hard time time making more than minimum wage. Another way that we help is by periodically raiding streams. We get streamers more followers, and we do live donations!


  Cryptocurrency is the future of finance, and it gives the power back to the people. That’s why we will give out prizes from our events in the form of stable coin (cryptocurrency token pegged to US dollar).


We know everyone loves NFTs. And they are a great on ramp for people entering the crypto world for the first time. We will leverage the incredible graphical talents of our team to deliver high quality NFTs for the winners as additional prizes.


While crypto is indeed the future of finance, most people have yet to enter the crypto world. We are bridging the world of streamers with the world of crypto, offering education on how to to enter the crypto market, navigate the terrain, and stay safe.

We Want To Help You Grow

We understand the difficulties that streamers face. It’s tough to get traction to gain a significant following. It’s even harder to make a living from streaming. We are here to provide value and support to as many as we can and to connect you with other streamers are the world.

Wherever You Are, We’re There Too.

Even though we are based in Dubai, it doesn’t matter where you are, what kind of content you stream, or what platform you stream on. We are here to connect and see how we can best help you grow your community.


What Have We Done So Far?

Some Stats 4 u

  • We made history as the first 24-hour donation stream, donating $30,000 to 40 streamers worldwide on Twitch.
  • We have over 700 shareholders and are growing every day.
  • Our discord is filling up quickly, reaching over 200+ streamers and their viewers.
  • We got a shoutout from Gamers Outreach for being one of the top donors in their latest charity live stream to provide kids in hospitals entertainment devices.

Did someone say shareholders?

We Believe Everyone Should Be Part Of This. To Join The Collective, You Can Click The Link Below And Learn How To Become A Shareholder.